Ambulatory surgery and anesthesia

Outpatient surgery becoming more and more acceptance. Patients must not remain stationary for several days in the hospital, but can be discharged home after surgery and subsequent recovery on the same day. Outpatient surgeries are performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. You agree to our team early a date for the preparatory meeting (premedication). Here you can provide specific information. If necessary, further investigation may be initiated by anesthesiologists. On the day before surgery, please call our practice to ask for the time that you or your child will be here on the day of surgery. This unnecessary delays are avoided. The fasting period is discussed specifically. 2 weeks before the procedure may not be vaccinated.

Day of surgery

The patient is sober and accompanied in practice. Fasting means no food and no drinks in the 6 hours before surgery. The agreed fasting period must be strictly adhered to. Please bring with anesthesia questionnaire and the consent form for the operation. Please wear comfortable clothes (for example jogging). Of course, a stuffed animal may be brought.

After the operation

After surgery, all patients are cared for two hours in one of our relaxation rooms and medically monitored. If your child is awake, it can now eat and drink at the request something. You can also bring your child’s favorite breakfast. Various books and games shorten the time until discharge. Before you leave the surgery, your child will be examined again and you will get instructions for home care. For the return of their own cars in the presence of another companion is required. The day after the surgery takes place in our office always held a follow-up.

Availability after discharge

After your child was discharged home, Dr. Nounla is also outside the practice opening times at any time for questions from the parents. A business card with the mobile phone number is handed over to the parents on the day of surgery.